[FROM EXO-K] 140409 - Sehun: "Hello, I'm EXO maknae Sehun"


waooooorooroloooooooo yehet~ ohooooroororhohohorarat~~~yahaaaaaang goreojwigoreojwigoryeojwi~~~~

EXO’s 2 years tear… drop……
It feels like we were able to do it because of the people who worked for us and paid attention to us.
More than anything, we were able to do it because we…

when chanyeol took out his water gun…(๑>◡<๑)

yixing with black hair (140325)

An Sohee and Big Bang's TOP for Reebok Classic



Lay and Luhan acting 12 ft. Kris (x)

please just say you like him, please

Some things just never change…